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module Goliath
module Rack
module Validation
class FailedCoerce < StandardError
attr_reader :error
def initialize(error)
@error = error
# A middleware to validate that a given parameter is provided
# and/or coerce a given parameter to a given type.
# By default, Goliath supports Integer, Boolean, Float and Symbol.
# You can also create a custom coerce type by creating a
# class that has an instance method, coerce. Example:
# class CustomJSON
# def coerce(value, opts={})
# MultiJson.load(value)
# end
# end
# Where value is the value that should be coerced and
# opts is a hash that contains two potential values:
# - default is the default value optionally specified in the middleware declaration.
# This means default will be nil if it was not set.
# - message is the failure message optionally specified in the middleware declaration. This means message will be nil if it was not set.
# If default is not set, Integer, Boolean, Float and Symbol will return validation_error, otherwise params[key] will be set to default.
# If message is not set, it will have the error message of the exception caught by the coercion, otherwise the error message will be set to message.
# For your custom CoerceTypes, you can raise where value is what will be returned from the call method.
# @example
# use Goliath::Rack::Validation::Param, {:key => 'mode', :type => 'Mode'}
# use Goliath::Rack::Validation::Param, {:key => 'data.credentials.login', :type => 'Login'}
# use Goliath::Rack::Validation::Param, {:key => %w(data credentials password), :type => 'Password'}
# use Goliath::Rack::Validation::CoerceValue, :key => 'flag', :as => Goliath::Rack::Types::Boolean
# (or include Goliath::Rack::Types to reference the types without the namespaces.)
# include Goliath::Rack::Types
# use Goliath::Rack::Validation::Param, :key => 'amount', :as => Float
class Param
include Goliath::Rack::Validator
include Coerce
include Required
UKNOWN_OPTIONS = "Uknown options: %s"
attr_reader :key, :type, :optional, :message, :default
# Creates the Goliath::Rack::Validation::Param validator
# @param app The app object
# @param opts [Hash] The validator options
# @option opts [String] :key The key to look for in params (default: id)
# if the value is an array it defines path with nested keys (ex: ["data", "login"] or
# dot syntax: 'data.login')
# @option opts [String] :type The type string to put in the error message. (default: :key)
# @option opts [String] :message The message string to display after the type string. (default: 'identifier missing')
# @option opts [Class] :as The type to coerce params[key] to. (default: String)
# @option opts [String] :default (default: validation_error)
# @return [Goliath::Rack::Validation::Param] The validator
def initialize(app, opts = {})
@app = app
@optional = opts.delete(:optional) || false
@key = opts.delete(:key)
raise"key option required") unless @key
@type = opts.delete(:type) || @key
@message = opts.delete(:message) || 'identifier missing'
@default = opts.delete(:default)
raise % opts.inspect) unless opts.empty?
def call(env)
previous_call = super
return previous_call if previous_call
def fetch_key(params, set_value=nil)
key_path = Array(@key)
current_value = params
# check that the full path is present
# omit the last part of the path
val = key_path[0...-1].each do |key_part|
# if the key is missing or is nil
if !current_value.is_a?(Hash) || current_value[key_part].nil?
current_value = current_value[key_part]
current_value[key_path[-1]] = set_value unless set_value.nil?
val.nil? ? val : current_value[key_path[-1]]
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