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Templates are loaded from gem path by default? #40

igrigorik opened this Issue Apr 30, 2011 · 3 comments

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postrank-labs member
class API < Goliath::API
  include Goliath::Rack::Templates

  def response(env)
     # ...
     [200, {}, erb(:hello)]

I expected that to load the hello.erb file from views directory (same behavior as sinatra). Hitting the API with a request, shows:

{"error":"Template stream not found in /Users/igrigorik/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p136/gems/goliath-0.9.1/lib/goliath/rack/views for erb"}%

It looks like I need to use Rack::Static before the template gets loaded from right place?

use(Rack::Static,:root => Goliath::Application.root_path("public"), :urls => ["/favicon.ico", '/stylesheets', '/javascripts', '/images'])

Seems like another gotcha, similar to ValidationError stuff which just got fixed... I would expect that the template should be loaded relative to my location by default and sourced from views.

postrank-labs member
mrflip commented Apr 30, 2011

Sigh -- I totally forgot to bring this up.

The Goliath::Application.app_file method, and thus the root_path method, is hinky:

    # Find the app_file that was used to execute the application
    # @return [String] The app file
    def self.app_file
      c = caller_files.first
      c = $0 if !c || c.empty?

    def self.root_path *args
      @root_path ||= File.expand_path(File.dirname(app_file))
      File.join(@root_path, *args)

if invoked from the wrong place, it will make Goliath confused where it lives. I think the reason including Rack::Static fixed it was simply by invoking root_path in the right place.

I don't understand enough about the caller_locations unwinding etc. to be able to write that method correctly. This is especially insidious inside a config file, since it is eval'ed.

postrank-labs member
dj2 commented May 1, 2011

Can you give an example where app_file and root_path don't work? I haven't seen any issues with the current versions.

@dj2 dj2 added a commit that closed this issue May 1, 2011
@dj2 dj2 root_path doesn't always do the right thing.
This fix is a bit of a hack. If we haven't exeuted the runner (ie, we're parsing the file)
then we haven't chdir'd to the API directory, which means we need a different meaning for
root_path. This fix adds an app_path method which can be used prior to the chdir. Root_path
can be used after the chdir. Like I said, hack. Can't think of a better way to handle
this at the moment without storing a global specifying if we've changed directories or not.

Fixes #40.
@dj2 dj2 closed this in 8738469 May 1, 2011
postrank-labs member
dj2 commented May 1, 2011

The example given should now work correctly. The templates.rb example works with and without the Rack::Static call now. The fix is a hack, let me know if you know a better way to handle the issue as described in the commit.

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