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link is a command and control framework written in rust. Currently in beta.

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Table of Contents


Repo Size Lines of code License: AGPL v3 Rust Report Card

link provides MacOS, Linux and Windows implants which may lack the necessary evasive tradecraft provided by other more mature command and control frameworks.


Hopefully this list expands for humans to actually want to use this:

  • HTTPS communication
  • Process injection
  • In-memory .NET assembly and Windows PE execution
  • SharpCollection tools
  • sRDI implementation for shellcode generation
  • Windows link reloads DLLs from disk into current process


Feel free to file an issue.

Build Process

  • Clone or download the repo
  • cargo run if you are eager to run it right now
  • cargo build --release to build the link server executable

For more information check out Installation and Usage.


A non-exhaustive list of those who have in some way inspired this project by means of writing code, snippets, ideas or inspiration: