Clojure CRUD model function generator for CouchDB/clutch
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A Clojure CRUD function generator for a given document model spec and CouchDB (clutch) connection URL.

The following functions (incl. documentation) are created in the calling namespace:

  • make-typename
  • get-typename
  • put-typename
  • delete-typename
  • valid-typename?
  • typename-exists?

Model spec

The model spec itself can be given as map or individual key value pairs:

  • :fields A vector of fieldnames (keywords) for the model entity.
  • :required A vector of required fieldnames. These must have non-nil and non-empty values or else won't be sent to CouchDB.
  • :validators A map of vectors of validator fn's for each field to be validated. Each fn takes a single arg representing the field value and must return a truthy result if valid.

The spec also supports the following lifecycle hooks:

  • :on-init A fn taking the pre-built map constructed by make-typename to allow for further customization/initialization.
  • :on-put A single arg fn executed just before a CouchDB document is being written (and before being checked for presence of required fields).
  • :on-delete A single arg fn executed after a document has been successfully deleted from CouchDB (arg map will only contain :id and :rev fields)
  • :on-validate-error A three arg fn called when validation for a field failed. The arguments are: field value, field name and message


Using leiningen, add the following dependencies to your project:

[com.postspectacular/modelcouch "0.1.0"]

The example below defines a simple user entity and uses some features of Noir to produce a secure password and define validation functions:

(ns myproject.models.user
    [noir.util.crypt :as crypto]
    [noir.validation :as vali])

(declare valid-user?)

(defcouchdoc "http://localhost:5984/my-database" 'user
  :fields [:type :username :name :email :password :salt]
  :required [:type :username :name :email :password :salt]
  :on-init (fn[_] (assoc _ :type "user"))
  :on-put (fn[_]
            (if (and (valid-user? _) (nil? (:salt _)))
              (let [salt (crypto/gen-salt)
                    pwd (crypto/encrypt salt (:password _))]
                (assoc _ :salt salt :password pwd))
  :on-validate-error (fn[user field msg] (vali/set-error field msg))
  :validators {
     :username [
        [(fn[_] (re-matches #"[a-zA-Z0-9]{4,15}" _))
         "must be alphanumeric (4-15 characters)"]]
     :name [
        [(fn[_] (re-matches #"[a-zA-Z\s\-]{2,30}" _))
         "must only contain letters or dashes (2-30 characters)"]]
     :password [
        [(fn[_] (vali/min-length? _ 8))
         "must have at least 8 characters"]]
     :email [
        [(fn[_] (vali/is-email? _))
         "must be a valid email address"]]

To use the generated functions:

(def toxi
  (make-user :username "toxi"
             :name "Karsten Schmidt"
             :email ""
             :password "fooyakasha"))

(valid-user? toxi)
(put-user toxi)


Copyright (C) 2012 Karsten Schmidt

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.