connectionCloseOK, queueUnbindOK, basicCancelOK missing #64

dathan opened this Issue Jan 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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Also added the ability to close a connection via

Connection.prototype.closeConnection = function () {
// 0 is the control channel
this._sendMethod(0, methods.connectionClose, {'replyText': 'Goodbye from node',
'replyCode': 200,
'classId': 0,
'methodId': 0});

then on _onMethod

case methods.connectionCloseOk:
this._onMethod(0, methods.connectionClose, args);

I end the connection. I don't know how to do the social commit or things that make github great. I can push these to you if you like.


I'm having a 'connection_closed_abruptly' message in the rabbitmq log, I'm gonna try @dathan suggestion, to see if this solves the issue.

@dathan : About the "social commit" , I think you meant "pull request" you can learn more in is about how contributors send commits from their forks to the main repository.

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