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Will there be NPM packages of amqp? #91

AlgoTrader opened this Issue Apr 16, 2012 · 6 comments


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It seems, npm version is outdated, why not to update it? Correct me if I am not right

GraemeF commented May 1, 2012

This looks fixed to me - 0.1.3 is in npm now.

skarsol commented Jul 2, 2012

I'm getting 0.0.2 from npm.

GraemeF commented Jul 2, 2012

That's the last version that didn't specify a compatible version of Node - if you are running Node 0.8 then it is the last compatible release until the package.json is updated to say it works with 0.8. Because 0.0.2 doesn't say which versions of Node it is compatible with it is assumed to be compatible with all versions of Node.

skarsol commented Jul 2, 2012

Okay, so the commit from a couple days ago that added 0.8 hasn't made it to npm yet? Will see about installing it manually then. Thanks.

GraemeF commented Jul 2, 2012

I guess not - didn't know it was there in the repo! In the meantime you can change your package.json to reference amqp with its Github repo URI instead of the version number and npm will fetch it from there instead.

Where are amqp@0.1.5 & @0.1.6? There is a tag for 0.1.6 but nothing about them on npm

{ name: 'amqp',
  description: 'AMQP driver for node',
  'dist-tags': { latest: '0.1.4' },
   [ '0.0.1',
     '0.1.4' ],
  maintainers: [ 'ry <ry@tinyclouds.org>', 'postwait <jesus@omniti.com>' ],
  author: 'Ryan Dahl',
   { '0.0.1': '2011-05-26T17:36:58.769Z',
     '0.0.2': '2011-05-26T17:36:58.769Z',
     '0.0.2-squaremo01.184010': '2011-05-26T17:36:58.769Z',
     '0.0.6': '2011-05-26T17:38:23.766Z',
     '0.0.7': '2011-06-02T21:41:24.522Z',
     '0.1.0': '2011-07-30T13:48:49.682Z',
     '0.1.1': '2011-11-09T10:13:16.126Z',
     '0.1.2': '2012-02-03T21:06:40.789Z',
     '0.1.3': '2012-04-17T13:35:29.358Z',
     '0.1.4': '2012-10-05T01:20:30.154Z' },
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