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Fixes memory leak for confirmed messages #142

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I played around with confirmation of messages published to an exchange. Since every message subscribes to error on the exchange, the maxListener limit is hit almost immediately.

This fix removes the error-callback for acknowledged messages from the exchange. One does still need to call setMaxListeners() on the exchange to match the number of expected unconfirmed messages.

@postwait postwait merged commit 9fde5b0 into postwait:master
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Commits on Oct 21, 2012
  1. @ZeissS
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  1. +5 −3 amqp.js
8 amqp.js
@@ -2186,9 +2186,11 @@ Exchange.prototype.publish = function (routingKey, data, options, callback) {
self._unAcked[self._sequence] = task
- if(callback != null){
- task.once('ack', function(){task.removeAllListeners();callback(false)});
- this.once('error', function(){task.removeAllListeners();callback(true)});
+ if(callback != null){
+ var errorCallback = function(){task.removeAllListeners();callback(true)};
+ var exchange = this;
+ task.once('ack', function(){exchange.removeListener('error', errorCallback); task.removeAllListeners();callback(false)});
+ this.once('error', errorCallback);
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