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Enable consumeBasic exclusive option through subscribe() method #145

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The ability to request exclusive access to a queue that is not autodeleted is hidden behind the subscribeRaw function. It is a handy thing to have to automatic failover of listening clients. Only one can connect at a time, and if that one dies, another can immediately take over and be assured of exclusivity.

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Commits on Nov 1, 2012
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@@ -200,6 +200,13 @@ thus adopting the parent connection's values (which default to false).
Setting these to true provide backward compability for older
+The 'exclusive' option will subscribe to the queue in exclusive mode. Only one
+subscriber is allowed at a time, and subsequent attempts to subscribe to the
+same queue will result in an exception. This option differes from the exclusive
+option passed when creating in a queue in that the queue itself is not exclusive,
+only the consumers. This means that long lived durable queues can be used
+as exclusive queues.
This method will emit `'basicQosOk'` when ready.
7 amqp.js
@@ -1638,11 +1638,16 @@ Queue.prototype.subscribe = function (/* options, messageListener */) {
options.deliveryTagInPayload = arguments[0].deliveryTagInPayload;
if (arguments[0].prefetchCount != undefined)
options.prefetchCount = arguments[0].prefetchCount;
+ if (arguments[0].exclusive)
+ options.exclusive = arguments[0].exclusive;
// basic consume
- var rawOptions = { noAck: !options.ack };
+ var rawOptions = {
+ noAck: !options.ack,
+ exclusive: options.exclusive
+ };
if (options.ack) {
rawOptions['prefetchCount'] = options.prefetchCount;
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