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gmp for node
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node-gmp wraps the libgmp library. This library has some poor practices when it comes to erro handling, so much trickery and deception is used to make this stable under node. Trickery includes: replacement allocators, replacement of jumps to abort() in instruction code and finally using sigsetjmp and siglongjmp to emulate try/throw a across C and signals in a more stable fashion.

The rest of gmp is just code.

    var gmp = require('gmp')
    var i = gmp.Int("123412341234123412341234123412341234");
    i.div("2").toString() // "61706170617061706170617061706170617"
    var f = gmp.Float("1234123412341234.123412341234", 1024).div("1.337");
    f.toString().replace(/(\.\d{10}).*$/, "$1") // "923054160315059.17981476530867"
    var r = gmp.Rational("22/7");
    r.toString() // "3.142857142857143"



  # (useful environment variables: CXXFLAGS LINKFLAGS)
  $ node-waf configure build
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