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Using factory->create() on an endpoint that is down, causes a memroy leak #9

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Skmirch Mina Naguib

in the file , in the function.....

CassandraClient *CassandraFactory::createThriftClient(const string &in_host,
int in_port,
bool framed_transport)

In this function the open is called after the pointer to CassandraClient is created. Any exception in open causes the CassandraClient pointer to be lost resulting in a memory leak. Not being able to connect to an endpoint throws the thrift TTransport exception which therefore results in a memory leak that I am seeing.

Reversing the order like so solves the problem...

transport->open(); /* throws an exception */
CassandraClient *client= new(std::nothrow) CassandraClient(protocol);

This has been tested to work.

-- Sandeep

Mina Naguib

Thanks Sandeep. I've committed this fix in minaguib/libcassandra@cb68df9

I'll send Padraig a pull request including it.

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