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#script (python)
import clingo
def get(val, default):
return val if val != None else default
def main(prg):
imin = get(prg.get_const("imin"), clingo.Number(0))
imax = prg.get_const("imax")
istop = get(prg.get_const("istop"), clingo.String("SAT"))
step, ret = 0, None
while ((imax is None or step < imax.number) and
(step == 0 or step < imin.number or (
(istop.string == "SAT" and not ret.satisfiable) or
(istop.string == "UNSAT" and not ret.unsatisfiable) or
(istop.string == "UNKNOWN" and not ret.unknown)))):
parts = []
parts.append(("check", [step]))
if step > 0:
prg.release_external(clingo.Function("query", [step-1]))
parts.append(("step", [step]))
parts.append(("base", []))
prg.assign_external(clingo.Function("query", [step]), True)
ret, step = prg.solve(), step+1
#program check(t).
#external query(t).
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