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Commits on Aug 21, 2019
  1. Grid fix for negative Y camera position (#121)

    seanmiddleditch committed Aug 21, 2019
Commits on Aug 20, 2019
  1. Grid tweaks (#120)

    seanmiddleditch committed Aug 20, 2019
    * Ability to draw large numbers of debug lines
    * Split grid drawing into its own function
    * Fix debug renderer
    * Flush debug draw before end of frame
    So that we can guarantee GUI draws over debug draw.
    * Highlight every 5 lines in grid
    * Add menu option to disable grid in ShellApp
    * Minor compilation/Intellisense fix
    * Split debug draw to debug helpers
    Remove axis lines/colors - they're not helpful anyway
    * Auto scaling grid
    Algorithm for scaling isn't really hitting my intent,
    but it's a start.
    * Use guideline spacing of 10
    Slightly better behaviour with even spacings
    * Export camera pos and near/far to shaders
    * Brute-force depth fade in debug lines
    * HLSL linearDepth
    * Enlarge grid again
    * Grid centers under camera
    * Consistent guideline spacing at 10 units
    * Camera speed control
    Useful for testing grid, and general usability
Commits on Aug 17, 2019
  1. FontAwesome icons (#119)

    seanmiddleditch committed Aug 17, 2019
    * Add FontAwesome fonts
    * Support copying .ttf files
    Also ignore .txt files (we want to keep licenses near assets)
    * Support loading FontAwesome into dear imgui
    * Load and use FontAwesome in shell
    * Add some more icons
    Using a lemon since we don't have a potato icon
  2. Separate and clean up scene from ShellApp (#118)

    seanmiddleditch committed Aug 17, 2019
    * Begin splitting out Scene from the shell app
    * Use ECS for scene
    * Simplify
    * Slight more interesting scene
    * Add ability to pause scene ticks in shell app
    * Split up ShellApp::run
    * Factor input handling between input handler and tick
    * Cleanup UI
    * Nicer ECS example
    Still not perfect, but it's a start
    * Cache ECS queries for Scene
    * Start the simulation paused
    Hit F5 to play/pause
    * Shell UI simplifications
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