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Commits on Nov 26, 2019
  1. ECS cleanup & improvements (#122)

    seanmiddleditch committed Nov 26, 2019
    A number of changes are just to make the code easier to read, maintain, and reason about.
    - Query now actually caches Archetypes and layouts for fast execution
    - Various memory layout changes to match usage
    - And yet other changes are just quality of life improvements:
Commits on Nov 12, 2019
  1. Flatbuffers (#138)

    seanmiddleditch committed Nov 12, 2019
    * Add flatbuffers to build with clean CMakeLists.txt
    Upstream flatbuffers' CMakeLists.txt is ancient and causes
    impossible-to-ignore warnings in modern CMake versions.
    * Add up_compile_flat_schema
    * Sample material flat buffer schema in librender
    * Improvements to up_compile_flat_schema
    * Runtime materials are now flat buffers
    * Rename material data
    * Cleanup use of flatbuffers for schemas
    * Fixes to support multiple schemas
    * Convert models to using flat buffers
    * Remove json and assimp dependencies from librender
    * Enable C++17 compilation for flatbuffers code
    * Move mesh creation to Mesh class
    * Split material loading to Material class
    Added a temporary concept of Loader to render library.
    It is a general interface for loading render resources. It needs to be converted to
    async-only (with generators?), split some concepts between data definition types
    and runtime types (e.g. material definitions vs instances) and support fast access
    to previously-loaded types.
Commits on Nov 9, 2019
  1. Attempt fix on GitHub Action error (#139)

    seanmiddleditch committed Nov 9, 2019
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