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Dizzy Sheep Disaster

Entry into BitBitJam #4.

You're a magnetic velcro sheep - you're sheeping it up. A giant magnet circles around you and pulls you around, but thankfully the ground is covered in velcro too. Cling to it (using A) to control your movement and escape.

Controls/etc on the first screen of the game! Just press start on the first page.


Based off of nes-c-boilerplate Please follow the compilation steps in for that project. Note: You will also need to install nodejs 6.x for the map converter tool. (4.x may work too)

You can also use circleci to build - in that case all you need to do is create a fork of this repository in your own account, log into circleci, and enable it there. It should grab all dependencies and install on its own.

Reach out to me if you have trouble! Github issues are the easiest option

Play it!

It's available on my site: Play