Barebones Djangae application for those who want to hit the ground running!
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The Djangae Project Template

This is a barebones Django project template configured for use on App Engine using Djangae

How to use this to create your project

To get started:

  • Install any supported Django version ($ pip install Django==1.11)
  • Run this command replacing projectname with your desired project name:
$ startproject  --template  --extension py,yaml,md  projectname
  • Run cd projectname && ./install_deps to install dependencies into a 'sitepackages' folder which is added to the path.
  • Run python check --deploy --settings=projectname.settings_live to run all security checks. Replace projectname with your new app name.
  • Run python runserver

Each time you run the install_deps script helper your sitepackages will be wiped out and reinstalled with pip. The SDK will only be downloaded the first time (as it's a large download).


Create a Google App Engine project. Edit app.yaml and change application: djangae-scaffold to application: your-app-id. Then, if you're in the djangae-scaffold directory, run:

$ update ./

If you have two-factor authentication enabled in your Google account, run:

$ --oauth2 update ./

Custom Domains

There is currently a bug in App Engine which means that HSTS headers are stripped from responses served from a custom domain. If you're using HTTPS on a custom domain then you should make a request to Google to get your domain whitelisted for HSTS.


If you are on OS X and using Homebrew-ed Python, you might get the following error when running ./install_deps:

error: must supply either home or prefix/exec-prefix -- not both

This is a known issue and a possible workaround is to make an "empty prefix" by default by adding a ~/.pydistutils.cfg file with the following contents:



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