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glow is an application to track Firefox 4 downloads in realtime.


git clone git://
git checkout -f origin/prod

# Push live.

===== tracks downloads for Firefox 4. When someone clicks the
download button on or asks for an upgrade from inside Firefox, we
approximate their location based on IP address and store anonymous aggregate
location information in our database.

Each dot that shows up on the map represents someone who just downloaded
Firefox, with a few seconds of latency as we process everything on the backend.
The counter at the top shows the total downloads of Firefox since March 22,
2011, when Firefox 4 was released. The arc chart shows those downloads broken
down all the way to the city level.

How It Works
============ is a website for tracking downloads of Firefox 4. We take
every hit from our logs and drop the download location on the map.

# Getting the data
# Writing the files
# REST, caching
# Displaying the map
# Running the counter/bars, latency
# Daisy
# Perf
## Avoiding GC
## .firstChild.textConten
## Chrome vs. Firefox
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