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@@ -128,15 +128,6 @@ planet.rb is used in the following website (that I know of)
* # => Where it coexists with Cubox's own posts, it has at the time of this writing about double the content it would have without planet.rb :)
-## TODO:
-* Handle upgrade of planet template files on gem update
-* Contemplate nested planets - images, particularly.
-* Write blog post on "Importing your blog to octopress with planet.rb"
-* Find out why doesnt work
-* Get images from twitter if provided, or in some other magical way.
-* Handle images that are not aligned correctly?
-* Create "Participating blogs" template for the sidebar
-* Support blog author being taken out directly from the feed so it's not required on planet.yml (move author to Post class?)
-* Handle categories/tags?
-* Find an alternative to Feedzirra that doesnt install a million dependencies.
+# Sponsorship
+This project is sponsored by the amazing people at [Cubox]( that make it possible for me to work on this without dying of starvation, BIG THANKS to them! (oh, and their [blog](] uses planet.rb, too! ;) )

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