Further Resources

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Talks and Papers

Ben Rosser (University of Pennsylvania) "Cocotb: a Python-based digital logic verification framework" (CERN 2018)

Luke Darnell (Broadcom) "Another Introduction to Cocotb" (ORConf 2018)

Marek Ciepłucha (TDK) "Cocotb as a comprehensive verification platform" (ORConf 2018)

Torbjørn Viem Ness (NTNU) "Low Power Floating-Point Unit for RISC-V" (2018)

Aldec Inc. "Writing a Python Testbench" (2017/2018)

Marek Ciepłucha, Witold Pleskacz "New Constrained Random and Metric-Driven Verification Methodology using Python" (DVCon 2017)

Andrey Filippov (Elphel) "I will not have to learn SystemVerilog" (2016)

Chris Higgs (Potential Ventures) "Applying agile techniques to FPGA development"

Chris Higgs (Potential Ventures) "Cocotb" (ORConf 2015)

Chris Higgs (Potential Ventures) "Exploitation for Fun and Profit" (Verification Futures 2016)

Chris Higgs (Potential Ventures) "Management sans frontiers: Removing the roadblocks in FPGA projects" (NMI 2015)

Chris Higgs (Potential Ventures) "Rapid FPGA Verification" (NMI, February 2014)

Libraries and Examples

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