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EmberConf 2016 Summary

A collection of links that cover what happened during EmberConf 2016. There is also a summary repo for EmberConf 2015.

Day 1


Live Blogs / Streams / Highlights


Opening Keynote by Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale

Using Service Workers in Ember by John Kleinschmidt

Cross-Pollinating Communities: We All Win by Chris Ball

<select>ing Good Ember Patterns by Brenna O'Brien

An Illustrated Guide to Ember by Brigitte Warner

Building Desktop Apps with Ember and Electron by Felix Rieseberg

How I Learned to Love Ember by Ju Liu

Building Mobile Applications with Ember by Alex Blom

Living Style Guide Driven Development by Chris LoPresto

Warp Speed Memory Management by Kelly Senna

Debugging Ember With Empathy by Vaidehi Joshi

Dissecting an Ember CLI Build by Estelle DeBlois

Ember at Scale by Chad Hietala

You're Building a Distributed System! by Mike Pack

The Tale of Two Teams by Ray Tiley

Day 2


Live Blogs / Streams


Ember CLI, The Next Generation by Stefan Penner

Building a Game in Ember Starring Your Cat by Matt McKenna

Compose Yourself with Ember and D3 by Ivan Vanderbyl

Easy-Bake Testing by Liz Baillie

Idiomatic Ember: Sweet Spot of Performance and Productivity by Lauren Tan

The Ember Addon Community by Katie Gengler

Immutability is for UI, You, and I by Charles Lowell

Migrating an Existing App to Ember, Component After Component by Xavier Cambar

How to Build a Compiler by James Kyle

The Great Migration: Redesigning and Rewriting our App in Ember.js by Jade Applegate

The Future of Ember Templating by Godfrey Chan & Yehuda Katz

Interoperable Component Patterns by Matthew Beale

EmberConf MiniTalks

Ember Between Design and Development by Lisa Gringl & Francesco Novy

Closing Keynote: Reversing the River by Oren Teich


A collection of links that cover what happened during EmberConf 2016



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