Local LEMP Box to develop and test WP/PHP Sites faster. Based on the latest Ubuntu LTS!
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Local Development Box

Script/s to install L(E/A)MP in a local server, aimed towards local development of PHP / WordPress sites.

Supported Platforms

  • Juno (Elementary OS)
  • Pop!OS
  • Ubuntu 18.04

Generic Goals

In sync with WordPress philosophy of “decision, not options”.

Performance Checklist

  • Redis for object cache (with memcached as an option)
  • WP Super Cache as full page cache (with Batcache as an alternative)
  • PHP 7.x
  • Nginx with Apache

Security Considerations

  • Password based logins are disabled.
  • Umask 027 or 077.
  • ACL integration.
  • Credentials-less login for PhpMyAdmin for local network.

Implementation Details

  • Agentless.
  • Idempotent.
  • Integrated wp-cli.
  • Support for version control (git, hg).
  • Composer pre-installed.
  • Auto-update of almost everything (wp-cli, composer, certbot certs, etc).
  • Your own SSL CA.
  • PHP-Xdebug pre-installed.


  • Web interface (planned, but no ETA).

Install procedure

  • Rename .envrc-sample file as .envrc and insert as much information as possible
  • Download bootstrap.sh and execute it.
# as root

apt install curl screen -y

# optional steps
# curl -LO https://github.com/pothi/local-dev-box/raw/master/.envrc-sample
cp .envrc-sample .envrc
nano .envrc

# then create the directories and files that are from /etc/skell for the user 'pothi' (or whoever)

# download the bootstrap script
curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pothi/local-box/master/bootstrap-local-box.sh

# please do not trust any script on the internet or github
# so, please go through it!
nano ~/bootstrap-local-box.sh

# execute it and wait for some time
# screen bash bootstrap-local-box.sh
# or simply
bash bootstrap-local-box.sh

rm bootstrap-local-box.sh


For more documentation, supported / tested hosts, todo, etc, please see the WP-In-A-Box wiki.