Compile Nginx from source with Brotli support on Debian and Ubuntu.
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Compile Nginx from Source with Brotli Support

This little script compiles Nginx from source with Brotli support.

Supported Platforms

  • Debian 9
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04

What does it do?

It compiles Nginx from source and creates two .deb files...

  1. nginx_version~os_arch.deb
  2. nginx-dbg_version~os_arch.deb

Both files depend on each other. So, one can not work, if other is not installled.

How to install?

Once you have the .deb files, install them using sudo dpkg -i nginx*.deb.

How to compile?

Download the script, go through what it does and execute it under the user with sudo privilege. It may take a while to compile depending on the memory and CPU in your server.