WP in a Debian box (or in a Debian derivative!)


WP In A Box

Script/s to install WordPress in a linux box without much effort

Install procedure

  • Rename .envrc-sample file as .envrc and insert as much information as possible
  • Download bootstrap.sh and execute it.
# as root

apt-get install -y curl
curl -LSs https://github.com/pothi/wp-in-a-box/raw/master/bootstrap.sh -o ~/bootstrap.sh

# go through the script to understand what it does. you are ***warned***!
# vi ~/bootstrap.sh

apt-get install -y screen
# execute it and face the consequences
bash ~/bootstrap.sh

# (optional) get rid of all the evidences of making the changes
# rm ~/bootstrap.sh


For more documentation, supported / tested hosts, todo, etc, please see the WP-In-A-Box wiki.