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WP In A Box

Script/s to install LEMP in a linux box without much effort. This LEMP stack is fine-tuned towards WordPress installations. It may not work for other PHP based applications. For more details, please see the blog post at

Supported Platforms

  • Ubuntu Bionic Beaver (18.04.x)
  • Debian Stretch (9.x)
  • Ubuntu Xenial Xerus (16.04.x)

Generic Goals

In sync with WordPress philosophy of “decision, not options”.

Performance Checklist

  • Redis for object cache (with memcached as an option)
  • WP Super Cache as full page cache (with Batcache as an alternative)
  • PHP 7.x
  • Nginx (no Apache, sorry)
  • Varnish (planned, but no ETA)

Security Considerations

  • Only ports 80, 443, and port for SSH are open.
  • No phoning home.
  • No external dependencies (such as third-party repositories, unless there is a strong reason to use it).
  • Automatic security updates (with an option to update everything).
  • Disable password authentication for root.
  • Nginx (possibly with Naxsi WAF when h2 issue is resolved).
  • Umask 027 or 077.
  • ACL integration.
  • Weekly logwatch (if email is supplied).
  • Isolated user for PhpMyAdmin.

Implementation Details

  • Agentless.
  • Idempotent.
  • Random username (like GoDaddy generates).
  • Automatic restart of MySQL (and Varnish) upon failure.
  • Integrated wp-cli.
  • Support for version control (git, hg).
  • Composer pre-installed.
  • Auto-update of almost everything (wp-cli, composer, certbot certs, etc).


  • Automatic Certbot / LetsEncrypt installation and renewal (like Caddy).
  • Automated setup of sites using backups.
  • Web interface (planned, but no ETA).
  • Automatic backup of site/s (files and DB) to AWS S3 or to GCP.

Install procedure

  • Rename .envrc-sample file as .envrc and insert as much information as possible
  • Download and execute it.
# as root

apt install curl screen -y

# optional steps
# curl -LO
# cp .envrc-sample .envrc
# nano .envrc

# download the bootstrap script
curl -LO

# please do not trust any script on the internet or github
# so, please go through it!
nano ~/

# execute it and wait for some time
# screen bash
# or simply



For more documentation, supported / tested hosts, todo, etc, please see the WP-In-A-Box wiki.