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Soapy SDR plugin for Pluto SDR

The Soapy Pluto SDR project provides a plugin module to use the Pluto SDR device within the SoapySDR API and software that supports SoapySDR.


Pre-built installers for various systems are available through the Pothos SDR environment.


Building Soapy Pluto SDR

The CMake build system will locate ADI libraries and SoapySDR development files on your system. The plugin module will be built and installed into the SoapySDR modules directories.

git clone
cd SoapyPlutoSDR
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Detecting the Pluto SDR

Use the SoapySDRUtil application to see if SoapySDR can detect your device. Use the "hostname" keyword to specify the IP address or hostname of the Pluto SDR device on the network:

SoapySDRUtil --probe="driver=plutosdr,hostname="
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