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Recommendation of GrOsmoSDR

SoapySDR should now be supported by GrOsmoSDR source and sink blocks. So I have been recommending that people use GrOsmoSDR for GNU Radio support now. Its easier since someone else is maintaining GrOsmoSDR. :-)

Introducing GR-SDR

The gr-sdr is a vendor neutral SDR hardware support component for GNU Radio. gr-sdr does not itself include support for any specific hardware, instead it wraps the SoapySDR interface. This will make it easy for GNU Radio developers to maintain the component, and vendors to continue updating modules and supporting new hardware.

Project goals

  • Support as much functionality as possible through a GNU Radio interface
  • Create a stable component that can be easily merged into GNU Radio

Looking for volunteers

Help of polish-off and test this GNU Radio component.

Help us name gr-sdr

Is an SDR a family of hardware with ADC/DACs and RF frontends? or is it not an SDR until you combine it with a PC baseband processing? These philosophical questions have lead us to the search for a new and better name for this component. The following are a list of recent suggestions: TAKE A VOTE FOR THE NEW NAME: http://vote.pollcode.com/44681629

  • gr-sdr
  • gr-ad (analog/digital)
  • gr-rf
  • gr-tx
  • gr-rx
  • gr-xcvr
  • gr-rxtx
  • gr-tranceiver
  • gr-rfe (RF frontend)
  • gr-radio
  • gr-hardware
  • gr-radiate
  • gr-ac (alternating current)
  • gr-wireless
  • gr-broadcast
  • gr-spectral-punisher
  • gr-emf (electromagnetic field)
  • gr-hal (hardware abstraction layer)
  • gr-soapysdr
  • gr-babel
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