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Pothos SDR toolkit

Disambiguation: This page is for the SDR support toolkit for Pothos. Looking for the Pothos SDR development environment for Windows? See the Pothos SDR wiki.

The Pothos SDR toolkit is a component of the Pothos data-flow framework. This toolkit provides a SDR source block for receivers and a SDR sink block for transmitters. The SDR blocks make full use of the Pothos framework:

  • Streaming buffers for sample data flow
  • Stream labels for time and burst indicators
  • Signals and slots for topology-based control


See the tutorial page for a step-by-step guide with helpful screencaps and demonstrations.

Soapy SDR project


The Pothos SDR blocks wrap the SoapySDR project to bring in support for a wide variety of devices. Soapy SDR provides a streaming and configuration API for receivers and transmitters, multi-channel support, advanced streaming controls, and command scheduling. Its important to note that not all hardware supports all of the available features.