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Pothos users' group

The Pothos users' group is for announcements, public discussions, and software support. The group is public, but you will have to join first to create and reply to posts. Any questions, bug reports, feedback, and other useful discussion is welcomed. Or simply subscribe for regular announcements about features and releases.

IRC chat on

Visit the #pothos on for help, discussions, announcements, and playful banter.

Follow us on twitter

Follow us on twitter @pothosware to get announcements and updates about development.

Create an issue in the tracker

Found a bug? Have a feature request? The issue trackers are open to the public and should be used to report bugs, post patches, and create feature requests. Find the appropriate project ( and create a new issue on the github issue tracker. For more complicated issues and lengthy discussions, please consider the users' group instead.

Contact the maintainer

For support issues, contacting the users' group is preferable. Other users may be able to help, and the answers will be archived publicly others to benefit from. However, if you still need to contact the maintainer privately or for business reasons, please click here: