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Reverse proxy for AWS S3 with basic authentication.
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Reverse proxy for AWS S3 w/ basic authentication

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Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links:
・latest (docker/linux/1.4/Dockerfile)
・1.4 (docker/linux/1.4/Dockerfile)
・1.4-win (docker/windows/1.4/Dockerfile)
・1 (docker/linux/1.4/Dockerfile)


This is a reverse proxy for AWS S3, which is able to provide basic authentication as well.
You don't need to configure a Bucket for Website Hosting. -> s3://backet/access/index.html



1. Set environment variables

Environment Variables Description Required Default
AWS_S3_BUCKET The S3 bucket to be proxied with this app. *
AWS_S3_KEY_PREFIX You can configure S3 object key prefix. -
AWS_REGION The AWS region where the S3 bucket exists. us-east-1
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID AWS access key for API access. EC2 Instance Role
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY AWS secret key for API access. EC2 Instance Role
AWS_API_ENDPOINT The endpoint for AWS API for local development. -
INDEX_DOCUMENT Name of your index document. index.html
DIRECTORY_LISTINGS List files when a specified URL ends with /. false
DIRECTORY_LISTINGS_FORMAT Configures directory listing to be html (spider parsable) -
HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL Overrides S3's HTTP Cache-Control header. S3 Object metadata
HTTP_EXPIRES Overrides S3's HTTP Expires header. S3 Object metadata
BASIC_AUTH_USER User for basic authentication. -
BASIC_AUTH_PASS Password for basic authentication. -
SSL_CERT_PATH TLS: cert.pem file path. -
SSL_KEY_PATH TLS: key.pem file path. -
CORS_ALLOW_ORIGIN CORS: a URI that may access the resource. -
CORS_ALLOW_METHODS CORS: Comma-delimited list of the allowed HTTP request methods. -
CORS_ALLOW_HEADERS CORS: Comma-delimited list of the supported request headers. -
CORS_MAX_AGE CORS: Maximum number of seconds the results of a preflight request can be cached. 600
APP_PORT The port number to be assigned for listening. 80
APP_HOST The host name used to the listener Listens on all available unicast and anycast IP addresses of the local system.
ACCESS_LOG Send access logs to /dev/stdout. false
STRIP_PATH Strip path prefix. -
CONTENT_ENCODING Compress response data if the request allows. false
HEALTHCHECK_PATH If it's specified, the path always returns 200 OK -
GET_ALL_PAGES_IN_DIR If true will make several calls to get all pages of destination directory false

2. Run the application

docker run -d -p 8080:80 -e AWS_REGION -e AWS_S3_BUCKET pottava/s3-proxy

  • with basic auth:

docker run -d -p 8080:80 -e AWS_REGION -e AWS_S3_BUCKET -e BASIC_AUTH_USER -e BASIC_AUTH_PASS pottava/s3-proxy

  • with TLS:

docker run -d -p 8080:80 -e AWS_REGION -e AWS_S3_BUCKET -e SSL_CERT_PATH -e SSL_KEY_PATH pottava/s3-proxy

  • with CORS:

docker run -d -p 8080:80 -e PROXY_URL -e CORS_ALLOW_ORIGIN -e CORS_ALLOW_METHODS -e CORS_ALLOW_HEADERS -e CORS_MAX_AGE pottava/s3-proxy

  • with docker-compose.yml:
  image: pottava/s3-proxy
    - 8080:80
    - AWS_REGION=ap-northeast-1
    - BASIC_AUTH_USER=admin
    - BASIC_AUTH_PASS=password
    - ACCESS_LOG=true
  container_name: proxy

Copyright and license

Code released under the MIT license.

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