Bibliography files and python script to fetch metadata for an academic paper when given a DOI.
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A python script to fetch metadata for an academic paper when given a DOI. Writes the metadata to a skeleton markdown file as YAML data, and also to a bibtex file. The bibtex file is also included.


git clone
# then copy the script to your bin folder
# and edit the script to point to the correct directories
# and files.


I take notes in markdown, with each note file named with the citation key for a given paper. The notes are part of my web site using jekyll and github pages. This gives my note system a lot of nice features:

  • are version-controlled.
  • can accomodate math forumulae, tables, and anything else that markdown can accomodate.
  • are CLI searchable.
  • are editable from any text editor and any computer with an internet connection.
  • can be easily used in any research articles I write (in markdown and pandoc) through the bibtex file.
  • transferrable to a wide variety of software. No vendor lockin.


Suppose you see a paper by Nevo, Turner, and Williams in the March 2016 email of articles from Econometrica. The DOI is 10.3982/ECTA11927, so switch to your shell and:

python 10.3982/ECTA11927

A file named "" is created in the "economics_and_econometrics" directory, that contains the metadata for the paper. In addition, the paper's bibtex entry is appended to the bibtex file specified at the top of the script.

You can add notes to the markdown file as needed, and use pandoc to convert to pdf, word, or html, and any articles you use to cite the paper can draw from your bibtex library.