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Software written by LZ1ABC for controlling LZ1AQ's Variable Delay Line Kit for Wideband Active Antenna Phased Arrays For more info see

The program is written in Java and supports the following operating systems: linux, windows, macos


  1. Make sure you have installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.7 or later.

  2. Optional: From the button "branch:master" select "tags" and select the newest available version (currently 1.4.1).

  3. Download the .zip file from the /distribution directory by left-pressing the mouse key and then selecting RAW button.

  4. Extract the archive in a directory of your choice.

  5. Start the program by using the startup.bat (for Windows) or the (for Linux)

In case of problems: [Linux] If you have started the program but you don't see the comm port in the "Settings" dialog, probably you don't have the permission to access the commport file (e.g. /dev/ttyS0)

  • You need to add your username to the dialout group by writing: sudo gpasswd --add yourusername dialout
  • Then either login and logout or write exec su – $USER

Development - IDE Installation:

First clone or download the project from

  1. Netbeans [recommended]
  • Go to File->Open Project and select the directory where you have downloaded the project
  • Now you are ready to run and debug the project
  1. Eclipse
  • From command line in root directory of the project write mvn eclipse:eclipse
    • This creates all the needed files so that Eclipse recognizes the folder as a project
  • From Eclipse select File->Import->General->Existing Project into Workspace and point to the place where you have downloaded the project
  • Right click on the project and select Run As->Run Configurations... Double-click on Java Application
    • In the Main tab specify the Main Class: to be DLineApplication
    • Press on Apply and then Run
  • Note that every time you make changes in the source code you will need to:
    • Write again in the command line mvn clean install in order to compile your changes
    • Then from Eclipse right-click on the project and select Run As(or Debug As)->Java Application


Software for controlling LZ1AQ's DLineController over the ComPort






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