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Switch to leveljs #370

daleharvey opened this Issue · 5 comments

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A pure JavaScript implementation of LevelDB, this will likely involve a lot of work on leveljs as its a very early stage project


since levelDB does not run on windows YET, this would be great for testing on Windows machines.


Yup, compiled dependancies are always going to have particular platform issues.

pinging @rvagg to see get an idea of how far away you think leveljs is from being usable? I am pretty comfortable with being an early adopter as the node implementation is going to be experimental for quite a while I think


Looks like it's not very far along at all, just a leveldb log parser so far: Will be interesting to see how it progresses.


Yeah, just starting to make progress on table file parsing now. It'll be slow going as this is just a fun side-project for me (unless someone wants to 'sponsor' it?). First up will be a read-only version, that's the plan anyway!


Not been any activity on this in a while, will close for now

@daleharvey daleharvey closed this
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