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Create db fails when running in an Android Phonegap application. #589

MattFriedman opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I've been attempting to get Pouchdb to work inside of an Android Phonegap application. I'm using the latest version of phonegap/cordova and the pouchdb nightly js file.

I have noticed that the log complains about dbid being undefined. Changing the sql from

var dbid = 'SELECT dbid FROM ' + META_STORE;
var dbid = 'SELECT * FROM ' + META_STORE;
fixes that error but I don't know why.

Once the system can get past the dbid issue you see errors in the log such as
I/Web Console( 1180): Transaction error calling user success callback: TypeError: Cannot call method 'ready' of undefined at file:///android_asset/www/cordova-2.5.0.js:4168

The create db code I'm using looks like this:

var database;
            Pouch('listoutfitter', {}, function (err, db) {

                if(err) {

                    console.log(" $$$$$  create db  $$$$$$$$$$  err " + err)

                    for( var e in err) {
                        console.log("Error element: " + e + " -> "  + err[e]);


                console.log(" $$$$$$$$$$$$    Created new database.   )))))))))))))))))))");

                database = db;

      {_id: 'doc1', title: 'Cony Island Baby' }, {}, function (err, response) {

                    console.log("created doc: " + response.ok);
                    console.log("doc id:  " +
                    console.log("rev: " + response.rev)



This results in these log msgs:

D/CordovaLog( 1313):  $$$$$  create db  $$$$$$$$$$  err [object Object]
I/Web Console( 1313):  $$$$$  create db  $$$$$$$$$$  err [object Object] at file:///android_asset/www/index.html:54
D/CordovaLog( 1313): Error element: status -> 500
I/Web Console( 1313): Error element: status -> 500 at file:///android_asset/www/index.html:57
D/CordovaLog( 1313): Error element: error -> undefined
I/Web Console( 1313): Error element: error -> undefined at file:///android_asset/www/index.html:57
D/CordovaLog( 1313): Error element: reason -> undefined
I/Web Console( 1313): Error element: reason -> undefined at file:///android_asset/www/index.html:57

Overall I'd like to know if a Phonegap application on Android using Pouchdb is meant to work. Is Android phonegap a valid target or am I barking up the wrong tree?

I do appreciate any input provided. I was trying to get some attention on the google group but I couldn't seem to get any responses there; hoping to get some responses here at Github.

Please let me know if I should keep going with my endevour to get this working in an Android phonegap app, or if it's not going to happen.



Sorry I thought I had replied to this.

Phonegap is definitely a valid target for pouchdb, its undertested right now however there has been a lot of interest in using pouchdb with phonegap and its going to be a pretty important platform for us

@howonlee is taking a look at this now, it might also be worth following #377


That's great news. I have it working in an iOS Phonegap app. If I had a better understanding of how to run the tests on each platform I could spend some time looking at the issues as well, but I've not quite been able to sort out how to do that. In any case, its a great project and I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks, Matt


What's the status on this issue? #377 is closed as of a few days ago, so if this is confirmed to be working we should close this too. Somebody on StackOverflow was asking about issues with Pouch/PhoneGap Android as well: I pointed him to #377 and #670 for reference.

@MattFriedman can you confirm if this is working or not for you with the latest build?


Yeh I was supposed to close this one as well, @howonlee has had successful test runs in phonegap using the latest build so we should be good (but hopefully will get phonegap into CI at some point)

@daleharvey daleharvey closed this
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