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#579 made some comments outdated #655

neojski opened this Issue · 4 comments

2 participants


At least:

  • traverseRevTree callback got new parameter
  • rootToLeaf returns ids and opts

Also quite confusing when reading the merge code is when I see doMerge(tree, path, dontExpand) and tree is expected to be array of Paths, that is KeyTree.
I know that these are only internal names and I'm just complaining


More random comments:

  • collectConflicts now needs only rev_tree in order to work so its argument shouldn't be metadata (as it used to as we needed deletions) but rev_tree
  • why do we sort leaves by pos in collectLeaves? I think it's unnecessary. If it is - we should comment why

I think collectLeaves used to be the base for winningRev, but yeh the sort should probably come out, and yup the rest are things that should have been cleaned up at the time, good catches, I didnt want my last commit to bitrot since it was complicated but will make sure to leave the PR's up long enough to review next time

@neojski neojski was assigned

Woops, referred my commit to the issue number in the title instead of the actual issue, but I just removed the comments in


@daleharvey daleharvey closed this
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