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Image of Guna

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Guna is most innovative theme for sublime text 3. It supports various functions : conspicuous widgets (clock, weather) on sidebar, manually or adaptively tweakable theme colors, controlling status bar label by its own api.

Theme Activation

Simply, run Guna in command palette (cmd/ctrl+shift+p). In case that other color-scheme is selected on adaptive mode, it reverts to Guna's original color-scheme. I recommend that you select View > Side Bar > Hide Open Files for better view. When Guna removed, it automatically restores theme and color-scheme as the last before activating Guna.


Guna uses Dejavu Sans as default font for UI and Roboto Condensed is used only for status bar. But you can change them in the theme-tweak settings as you want. The editor font is Meslo in screenshots above. For Sublime Text 3 (3143) on Windows, in order to apply Roboto Condensed, you may have to add "theme_font_options": "gdi" in Preference.sublime-settings.


Clock : The color of clock expresses the status of active view.

Image of Guna : Normal state
Image of Guna : Dirty or scrach state
Image of Guna : Read only state
Image of Guna : Alert state (only controlled by API)

Weather : The weather widget is added (from v1.4.0). The widget uses https://openweathermap.org for weather information and you can access after getting your own AppID. After getting it, fill out weather settings in Guna.sublime-settings. The 1st icon means current weather, the 2nd icon means forecast in 3 hours, the 3rd icon means forecast in 6 hours. Normally, it will be updated every half an hour.

Image of Guna

Tweak Theme

Manual mode : you can tweak fonts / colors as you want by changing Guna.sublime-settings. After changing, run Guna : Tweak Theme in command palette (cmd/ctrl+shift+p) to apply your settings.

Adaptive mode : Guna automatically tweaks theme colors to match selected other color-scheme. Basically, by matching background color, Guna can be combined with other color- schemes, like Monokai, Mariana, Ayu, ... Some examples are below. You need to restart once for the input panel change.

Adaptive Mode Testing Shot

Image of Guna


You can control Guna's screen through Guna's APIs. Currently, there are two functions for displaying alert situation. If you want to see the example, simply type raise in Sublime console.

(example - status bar label)
Image of Guna

Please, refer to Guna's API

File Type Icons

Guna doesn't have it's own file type icons except for Verilog/Systemverilog. In screenshots above, A File Icon is used, and recommended.


Doate Image
Thank you for donating. It is helpful to continue to improve the plug-in.



Guna is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.