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Survival guide for dumb persons

If you are completely lost and have no idea what the hell you are doing right now, you can run this magical command that may solve all your problems in your life :

$ make run

This magical command will compile everything for you and might spawn some ponies far from your computer to make someone happy.

You might want to read the output because it will compile love2d that may require some libraries. If something is missing it will bother you and make the program unable to spawn ponies correctly.

$ make run | grep -i error

might be useful to see why love2d is whining and wasting everyone's time !

Quick start guide

Execute: $ make This will build You can then run the game with LÖVE as follow: $ love

If you don't have LÖVE installed or the version you have doesn't work with madxmas2013 then you can use the following targets to build a suitable version of the game engine:

You can build LÖVE and an executable of the game with: $ make binary Then run the madxmas2013 executable: $ ./madxmas2013

There's also a "run" target that takes care of everything: $ make run This will compile the game engine, pack the game, generate the executable and run it.

Compiling the LÖVE game engine

Compile the LÖVE game engine with the following command (it is also compiled by the "binary" and "run" targets): $ make love The configure script may tell you there are missing dependencies, in which case you must install them and run "make love" again.

vim: set et ts=2 sts=2 sw=2 tw=80 :