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Sheffield MyPC Autobooker is a program which will enable automatic booking of computers
within the information commons, normally through the system available at

The system is insecure and this application is able to demonstrate so by automating booking, performing block bookings for limited resources for easily a whole day.
This is performed by automating the process, for periods over the normal 4 hours lockout and it will do automatic logon at midnight to book just opened booking slots immediately.
This could easily be rewritten as a webservice and there would be possibilities of effectively selling Information Commons resources.
I clearly don't encourage use of this kind.

Booking requests are simple gets of this form:
Make booking 5:00 - 6:00

Delete a booking:
Booking ID increases past number given here as a counter.

This would allow us to eventually replicate all functionality of the booking system if so desired.
Cannot delete bookings of other users. Such that I have found.