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Python script to generate SVG files of the 6 interlocking faces of a box. I use the generated files for laser cutting, but they are good for any project where you need the dimensions of a simple box!
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By specifying the desired dimensions of a box, this script outputs an
SVG file consisting of the box's faces. The panels interlock. I wrote this
to generate enclosure designs for my projects that I can use in a laser

To use this script, create a new Box object with the desired parameters
and call print_all_faces():

    # length, width, height, material thickness (units are millimeters)
    myBox = Box(58, 96, 38, 3)

This outputs the SVG file (which are an XML-based format) to the console,
which you can then pipe to a file. This opens without a problem in Inkscape.
See "out.svg" as an example.

The Box class contains a few variables that you might be interested in 
tweaking. These are explained in the comments at the beginning of the
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