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Plain text formatting guide:
+Steve Yegge on Plain text:
+ Relevant excerpt:
+ Your resume is going to go through a bunch of automated transformation tools and
+ will be mangled horribly along the way. Any non-ASCII character, such as those
+ nonstandard Microsoft Word bullets, or any accented character, or (heaven help
+ you) Unicode will be turned into our old favorite, the question-mark character ("?").
+ You don't want your resume to look like this:
+ Resum? for Bob?T???Moblin
+ ?Experience
+ 1997?Present? Vice?F???**??didn?t?do?sh???for?ten?yea???
+ So write it in plain text. Yes. Text. You know. Like from a typewriter, or
+ Windows Notepad. ABCs, not PDF.
+ Don't expect any whitespace to make it through except newlines and single spaces.
+ And don't assume your resume will be viewed in a fixed-width font. If you make
+ a nice pretty formatted table using tab characters, it will look like ascii-art
+ smoke signals by the time a human being looks at it.
+ The maximum amount of ASCII art you can get away with, and even this is
+ stretching it, is hyphenated lines and bullets. For instance, this might be OK:
+ Education
+ ---------
+ * B.S. Computer Science, University of Wherever, 1997
+ * M.S. Resume Writing, 2003
+ – graduated .357 magnum
+ But I wouldn't overdo it.
+ If your name has accent characters in it, your best bet is to change your name.
+ For instance, if your name is Pièrre l'Éléphant, think about whether you'd
+ prefer to have it seen as "Pi?rre l'?l?phant" or "Pierre l'Elephant". Sure,
+ your accented characters might make it through, but I'd play it safe.
+ HTML formatting usually makes it through safely because it's plain text. However,
+ even if your tags are left alone by the automated mangler, there's no guarantee
+ that your resume will be viewed from a browser, and nobody wants to read through
+ a bunch of ugly markup while they're trying to assess your skills. So you
+ shouldn't use HTML either.
+ Text! All the best resumes are plain text. Use text.
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