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Drupal Instagram Album

Drupal Instagram Album is a Drupal 7 module which by adding your Instagram Credentials it will give you a mobile friendly, album block. You can see my Instagram Album, which is build using this module.


I started re-developing my site and I wanted to create an Instagram Album that will pull my photos and render them as an album flip book. However, as a developer, I wanted to create something that I will CRUD (Create, Read, Update , Delete) and to be flexible and convenient - a phrase I use all the time :) .

So, I started creating this module. I setup all the necessary steps to authorize and authenticate with Instagram API and you can see the result in my website :)


The module requires to setup an Application in Instagram Developer page. Below I will explain how to set it up. Also, it uses turn.js. Note that turnjs requires a licence for commercial use.


1. Setup Instagram Application

  • Go to and login with your Instagram account credentials.
  • Register for an application
  • In the Valid redirect Urls remember to add this url <base url of your site>/admin/structure/instagram-book. For example if your site is then the URL will be This will tell Instagram during the authorization to redirent back to the Instagram module and continue with the authentication. You can add as many URLs you want.
  • If everything goes fine, Instagram will give you the below data:
    • Client ID code
    • Client Secret code

2. Install the module with Drupal classic way

  • Download the zip file of this repo
  • Add it to your sites/all/modules folder
  • Go to admin/modules url and install the module
  • You will find the module settings under admin/structure/instagram-book
  • Add the Client ID in the Instagram Client Id field
  • If you setup correctly the redirect URL, Instagram will redirect you back to the module to continue with the Authentication
  • Add your Client Secret code in the Instagram Client Secret field
  • Upload your cover photo to be displayed at the front of your album. The image needs to be square and the size ideally 520x520.
  • Set how many images you want to be displayed in the album.
  • Set how much time you want to cache the data from Instagram so you don't query every time the Instagram API to fetch the images. It uses the Drupal cache.
  • After setting up all the fields, press Authenticate & Save
  • A block will be created with the name Instagram Book which you can assign anywhere you want.

1. Add this module as a submodule (Assuming you are using version control for your Drupal website)

  • Navigate first to your root folder of your Drupal website - where the index.php, cron.php etc files exist
  • Execute this command to add this Drupal module as a submodule for your site git submodule add sites/all/modules/instagram-book
  • Then execute git submodule init and git submodule update. This will fetch the module and add it in the folder you specified
  • The rest of the steps are the same like above ( From Go to.. step and after)


This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.

About the Author

Valentinos Papasavvas works as a Senior Web Developer and iOS Developer in a company based in Sheffield/UK. You can find more on his website.


Drupal Instagram Album is a Drupal 7 module which by adding your Instagram Credentials it will give you a mobile friendly, album block.




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