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What have I got in my pocket?
A collection of utilities of varying utility.
Intended for use with Cinder 0.8.5.
Written against clang/C++11.

These bits of software are written as a library; each piece should stand on its own as something generally useful.

My current plan is to make the elements in Pockets more functional. That is, they will do one thing and one thing only, with no side effects. Further, I am starting to remove the interdependencies of things in Pockets. I am concurrently developing a component system framework that will take the place of utilities like sprite sheets and renderers which really want to be part of a bigger picture.

To Keep: Image Packing Message Passing Library Line Utilities for curve through a line (add adaptive resampling) Lerp functions

Current Contents: Sprites

  • image packing for making sprite sheets
  • sprite rendering from sheets
  • sprite animation Basic Renderers
  • SimpleRenderer naively calls render() on all elements
  • Renderer2d supports batch renderers
    • Renderer2dStrip
    • Renderer2dStripVbo Message Passing / Event Passing Library
  • Messenger/Receiver pattern allows for decoupled information passing
  • Messenger passes arbitrary message types with compile-time type safety
  • Receiver allows you to listen for different events with different handlers Line Utilities
  • curve through a collection of points
  • path expansion to geometry on CPU Color Palette
  • color selection from an image Animation Utilities
  • lerp function for quaternions, colors, wrapped numbers File Utilities
  • Get next sequential filename

Thinking about: Animation tracks - held values + curves/tweens for transitions always setting held value keeps tracks predictable update fn? maybe not with tracks mix multiple tracks? Same target, different weights. - blending with procedural animation - blending two pre-created animations Get familiar with animation in Maya, consider those metaphors.

Todo: CSV parsing a la d3/R


For the creation of smart pointers, we use the following typedefs:
std::shared_ptr TypeRef; std::unique_ptr TypeUniqueRef; Factory ::create() methods return TypeUniqueRef You can easily get a TypeRef at creation if that's what you want TypeRef t = Type::create(); // compiler will make a shared_ptr w/o explicit call to move() auto t = Type::create(); // yields a unique_ptr


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