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The universal Brouter profile template for bike profiles, focused on Trekking

Profile name/code What to change / was changed Comment
Trekking-Dry Nothing Template default content is identical to this profile
-Wet assign iswet 1 Penalizes way in potentially muddy or slicky conditions
-FCR- (FollowCycleRoute) assign cycleroutes_pref 0.6 ( default 0.2 ) Stronger preference of cycleroutes than the default one. It is similar to Stick_to_cycleroutes of standard Trekking profile, but the router preferences work differently in my profiled. E.g. routes are not automatically taken as perfect with costfactor 1.0, neither have the zero turncost and the effect is not linear.
There are 3 levels of route preference effect.
Level1-cycleroutes_pref Values >0.0 up to 1.0 prefer long distance cycleroutes and penalize non cycleroutes. Value 1.0 make long distance routes always perfect, non-routes get doubled costfactor. Local routes stay always intact.
Level2-routelevel Determines cycleroutes considered as local, by default local and regional ones
Level3-costfactor Effect is minimal for optimal ways and becomes stronger for higher costfactor values
-ICR- assign cycleroutes_pref 0.0 No preference for cycleroutes.
-SameCR assign routelevel 4 Consider local/regional routes as long distance routes
Trekking-MTB-light assign MTB_factor 0.2 See Trekking-MTB-Profiles-legend
Trekking-MTB-medium assign MTB_factor 0.5
Trekking-MTB-strong assign MTB_factor 1.0
Trekking-Fast assign MTB_factor -0.5 "Anti-MTB"
MTB-light assign MTB_factor 1.0 See Locus forum post
See also MTB_factor-and-smallpaved_factor
assign smallpaved_factor -0.3
MTB assign MTB_factor 2.0
assign smallpaved_factor -0.5
Trekking-Valley assign hills 4 Strongly penalizes ascends/descends. Prefers large
percentage of flat-like route along the valleys
SmallRoads assign MTB_factor -1.7 Prefers way classes approx since terciary roads
assign smallpaved_factor 2.0 to paved tracks
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