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Kubernetes Grafana Dashboards Mixin
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Kubernetes Grafana Mixin

A set of Grafana dashboards for Kubernetes Administrators.

Currently works on 1.12 & 1.13 clusters. Untested on 1.14.

How to use

This mixin is designed to be vendored into the repo with your infrastructure config. To do this, use jsonnet-bundler:

  1. Recommended. Generate the grafana .json files and deploy them yourself.

  2. If you want to just try them out the generated .json files are commited in dashboards_out directory, just download them and import them via Grafana. But it's not recommended, because you won't receive updates.

Generate config files

You can manually generate the grafana .json files, but first you must install some tools:

$ make setup


$ brew install jsonnet


git clone jsonnet_git
cd jsonnet_git
sudo mv jsonnet /usr/local/bin/

Then, grab the mixin and its dependencies:

$ git clone
$ cd kubernetes-grafana-mixin
$ jb install

Finally, build the mixin:

$ make dashboards_out

The files in dashboards_out directory can then be passed to your Grafana server, via file provisioning.

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