A system for aggregating live statistics data and sending it to collectd.
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This is currently just an experimental project for messing around with stats stuff.

Reflex is a system which allows you to monitor live applications without parsing logs or counting values in your code. Reflex clients (your apps) send UDP packets to a Reflex service which rolls up the data and sends it to other services every minute.

Currently, Reflex sends data to Collectd for graphing and Redis for storage (so accurate counts can be fetched).

In the future, I'd like Collectd's UnixSock plugin to accept packets directly so an intermediate service like this wouldn't be needed.

Reflex was originally inspired by Flickr-StatsD which is explained here.


  • Distutils install script for server
  • Reconnecting Redis class
  • Use txRedis
  • Drop collectd support
  • Store more data in Redis
  • Use Google visualization API for display
  • Small web UI (Use Google App Engine? Hosting it offsite would be awesome, and we don't really need Redis.)
  • Include ability to delete/clear data points