Tweets new snow at Squaw Valley as @SquawSnow.
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@SquawSnow Tweeter

A small project to tweet new snowfalls at Squaw Valley ski area via @SquawSnow. Note that this project isn't officially affiliated with or maintained by Squaw.

It scrapes their snowfalls page and sends out a tweet whenever a new entry is detected.

A hacked together PHP script running on an old webhost powered these updates from 2010-2014 until I decided to rebuild it in node.js and run it on Heroku. As my first "real" node project I'm sure there are some odd coding practices at work here. :)

Running locally

  1. Check out the repo
  2. Install the Heroku toolbelt
  3. Install node modules with npm install or yarn (assuming you already have node >=8.x)
  4. Override necessary environment variables in .env
  5. heroku local
  6. curl -X POST http://localhost:3000/update?key=override-me

Running on Heroku

  1. Check out the repo
  2. heroku create
  3. git push heroku master
  4. Set up environment vars using heroku config (they're documented in .env)
  5. Set up a scheduler to curl -X POST every hour.