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Python 2.6 or 2.7.
Zope Interface 3.6.0 or better (
pyOpenSSL (<>) is required for any SSL APIs. On
Windows, version 0.10 or newer is required. pyOpenSSL 0.10 or newer is also
preferred on other platforms, but older versions will work as well.
On Windows pywin32 (<>) is
required. Build 215 or later is highly recommended for reliable operation
(this is already included in ActivePython).
If you would like to use Trial's subunit reporter, then you will need to
install Subunit 0.0.2 or later (
* Debian and Ubuntu
Packages are included in the main distribution.
* FreeBSD, Gentoo
Twisted is in their package repositories.
* Win32
Installers are available from
* Other
As with other Python packages, the standard way of installing from source
python install
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