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Django Documents

A reusable application to allow uploading documents and attaching them to whatever model you wish. Most of the code is really just taken from Gaynor's taggit app.


  1. Add "documents" to your INSTALLED_APPS

  2. Add the following to your project file: (r'^documents/', include('documents.urls')),

  3. If you want to attach documents to your class, in your models definition add:

    class Horse(AnimalModel): model fields here... ...

    documents = AttachedDocumentManager()

Then you can access documents like so:

>>> the_book=Document.objects.get(title="Black Beauty, the Book")
>>> black_beauty = Horse.objects.create(name="Black Beauty")
>>> black_beauty.documents.add(the_book)
>>> black_beauty.tags.all()
[<Document: black-beauty-the-book>]
>>> black_beauty.documents.remove(the_book)
>>> black_beauty.documents.all()
>>> Horse.objects.filter(documents__slug__in=["black-beauty-the-book"])
[<Horse: black-beauty>]