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Skel for Lambda Functions

The Minimum

I wanted to create a small app as a starting point for creating AWS Lambda functions. This is it.

This repo assumes you have the awscli set up and configured with the right account/credentials.

Below you'll be told to edit the variables in the Makefile. Here is an explanation for each of them.

  • bucket_name This is a unique to AWS bucket name where you want to upload your zip file. It is used for both creating a bucket and designating where to upload to. You can set this to a preexisting bucket name.

  • function_pkg This is the name of the Lambda Function. We'll use it to name it in the interface, and the name of the zip file.

  • zip_file Adds the .zip to the function_pkg above.

  • runtime I wouldn't change this, but you can if you are trying to adapt this creating your own node/java skel.

  • iam_role The function will need an IAM role if you want to talk to AWS resources.

  • handler This is name_of_python_file.name_of_method that will be used as the entry point of execution.

  • timeout This is how long you want to attempt execution before AWS aborts.

  • memory This is how much memory you think the function show have access to.

  • subnets This is the subnet(s) ID(s) where you want your Lambda function to execute in. If you want to execute against your other AWS resources, this needs to be a private subnet, with a route to a NAT Gateway in a public subnnet.

  • sec_groups Associated Security Group(s) ID(s) the function will be goverend by.

  • vpc_config Passing in the Security Groups and Subnets to the VPC.


$ vim Makefile # edit variables as needed

$ make bucket

$ make build

$ make publish :shipit:

$ make run

Then edit the file to do what it is you're trying to do. Rebuild, and republish.

Then get rid of it all

$ make clean