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Simply loads html into an element.
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Simple html loader

If you want to include an html it's simple!

<div data-load="path/to/html.html"></div>

The html will be loaded into the div and everyone is happy

Using with templating engine eg handlebars

use the loader.load(callback) method to get the result of each load and do what you need to do eg use load.addScope(scopeName, values) and <div data-scope="scopeName"></div> to add data to be loaded on a per template basis the scope is passed into the loader.onLoad callback.

loader.onLoad(function(result, scope){
    var template = Handlebars.compile(result);
    return template(scope);

Other ways to load

Using the loader.load(el, src) method you can load whatever document into whatever element

var el = document.getElementById("id");
loader.load(el, "test.html");

Aditional notes

loader automatically runs when the page loads to change this and specify when you want it to load pages. (This won't affect pages loaded with loader.load());


To Disable loading when the page loads to controll when the loader runs.

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