A set of microbenchmarks written for HSA devices to determine device characteristics like cache size & associativity, compute units, etc.
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HSA microbenchmarks

This repository contains a set of microbenchmarks for determining the hardware characteristics of HSA devices.

Details for Kaveri (AMD A10-7850K) can be found via a blog post at ...


This folder contains code and data (for AMD A10-7850K) for determining the cache capacity, cache associativity, cache miss latencies, etc. Additionally, this same code can be used to determine the TLB size/associativity/miss latency/etc.

Requirements to run

  • HSA Runtime and Drivers from AMD
  • These projects use the SNACK framework to execute on the HSA device
    • SNACK is part of the CLOC project from the HSA Foundation (found in the repo above)
  • I've only tested this code on Linux. The code should be mostly OS agnostic, however.


This code is free for anyone to use / modify. This work has been completed as part of my PhD studies at UW-Madison under the guidance of Mark Hill and David Wood. More about us can be found at