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oschrenk commented Jan 14, 2013

It seems that the old patched Menlo font doesn't work (due to some glyph changes?), I re-patched it using the new fontpatcher.

Steps to patch the font

cp /System/Library/Fonts/Menlo.ttc .
fontforge -script ./ Menlo.ttc

I got the following messages

Copyright (c) 2000-2012 by George Williams.
 Executable based on sources from 14:57 GMT 31-Jul-2012-D.
 Library based on sources from 14:57 GMT 31-Jul-2012.
The following table(s) in the font have been ignored by FontForge
  Ignoring 'hdmx' horizontal device metrics table
The glyph named mu is mapped to U+00B5.
  But its name indicates it should be mapped to U+03BC.
The glyph named Delta is mapped to U+2206.
  But its name indicates it should be mapped to U+0394.

Copy the font to the system fonts directory as all users should have access

cp Menlo\ Regular\ for\ Powerline.otf /Library/Fonts/

I found that fontpatcher wasn't available in /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/powerline/ after I installed powerline via pip.


@oschrenk oschrenk Menlo for Powerline
To use it edit your ~/.vimrc and add

  set guifont=Menlo\ Regular\ for\ Powerline

Lokaltog commented Jan 17, 2013

It's safe to ignore those warnings. The font patcher is currently only available when cloning the repo (known issue). Thanks for the font!

Lokaltog closed this Jan 17, 2013

Is this not included in the new powerline-fonts repository due to a licensing issue, or was it just lost in translation?...


oschrenk commented Jan 16, 2014

I don't know. They removed it in b4ecfc3 without explanation. I think they removed it in favor of Meslo, which is a customized version of Menlo.

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