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DejaVu Sans Mono for Powerline

Font creator:Roy Y.T. Chen
Version: 2.37
Patched by:Roy-Orbison

Includes column number, diagonal block and line characters in same positions as Nerdfonts'.

Codepoint Character
E0A0 Branch
E0A1 Line number
E0A2 Padlock (read-only)
E0A3 Column number
E0B0 Right angle solid
E0B1 Right angle line
E0B2 Left angle solid
E0B3 Left angle line
E0B8 Bottom-left angle solid
E0B9 Bottom-left angle line
E0BA Bottom-right angle solid
E0BB Bottom-right angle line
E0BC Top-left angle solid
E0BD Top-left angle line
E0BE Top-right angle solid
E0BF Top-right angle line